Integrated Safety Pilot Region (INSPIRE)
Integrated Safety Pilot Region (INSPIRE)
Smart Home/Building
Smart Home/Building
Person Flow Measurement
Person Flow Measurement
Social Media
Social Media

INSPIRE contributes to the networking of innovative technologies for civil security. Existing solutions and potential new developments will be linked. The subprojects Social Media, Smart Home/Building, UAVs and Personal Flow Measurement provide examples.

Open Source

INSPIRE follows the approach of open interfaces and uses free software. Central technical project results, e.g. INSPIRE.hub and are also provided as free software. The project is based on formal and informal standards.

Pilot Project

INSPIRE will be established as a pilot project in Paderborn. This is used to demonstrate the project results practically and to test the usability practically. For this purpose, large events in Paderborn (e.g. football matches, folk festivals or music festivals) are used.


safety innovation center e.V. (Koordination)

in Kooperation mit

Universität Paderborn, C.I.K.

Symcon GmbH

RTB GmbH & Co. KG

CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH


Integrated safety pilot region provides digital support for firefighters in operations
Firefighting exercise demonstrates potential of digitization in civil emergency response Firefighters and other emergency response organizations need fast, easy and targeted access to all relevant...
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INSPIRE Exercise in May
Finally on May 26, 2021, the INSPIRE exercise planned long in advance will take place. The focus will be on a fire operation in which...
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INSPIRE work meeting for pilot project operation
On the 1st of February, the first digital INSPIRE working meeting of the new year took place. The meeting started with a review of the...
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New partner for the sub-project Drones in the INSPIRE project
INSPIRE has gained a new partner. CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH has taken over the drones sub-project since November 2020. It is thus responsible for...
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INSPIRE at the event „Digital Services – from Communes for Communes“
On the 19.11.2020, the Digital Model Region East Westphalia-Lippe hosted the virtual event series entitled "Digital Services - from communes for communes". The series was...
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