INSPIRE delivers an integrated solution for the application by bringing together existing solutions with newly identified needs and potentials. Due to its well-established position in security research, Paderborn has concrete starting points that represent a unique basis for an integrated approach within the framework of a pilot project.

Overall Concept, Application and Networking

The safety innovation center gGmbH forms the framework for all activities in the project. The overall concept describes the interaction of the data, networking and application levels. The potential of networking the other subprojects is worked out. The technical components INSPIRE.hub and are developed. The pilot operation creates the possibility to demonstrate and test the conceptual and technical project results.

Smart Home/Building

The private Smart Home detects a critical state and notifies its owner or, in an emergency, the emergency services.

Symcon GmbH develops and sells hardware and software for building automation. One focus is on the integration of smart home solutions from different manufacturers. This allows INSPIRE to investigate innovative security applications of networked smart homes/buildings.

Person Flow Measurement

The person flow measurement in the city centre detects a dangerous situation and automatically initiates countermeasures, e.g. the redirection of visitor flows or the priority switching for emergency forces at traffic light crossings.

The RTB GmbH & Co. KG develops and distributes innovative solutions for road traffic. These include, for example, radar systems for traffic data acquisition. On this basis, INSPIRE can be used to measure flows of people and detect dangerous situations.


Drones provide additional information from the air for the situation picture and thus enables better decisions to be made.

CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH is a specialist for the production and distribution of drones for authorities and organizations with security tasks. The drones are characterized by their robustness, lightweight design, long flight times and 3D mapping, enabling the situational awareness of emergency response organizations to be supplemented with high-quality and highly up-to-date information.

Social Media

Information from social media completes the situation picture and makes it possible to spread important information for the population.

With the development of INSPIRE.hub and, the safety innovation center gGmbH contributes the technical prerequisites for INSPIRE to process large amounts of data and filter them according to relevant information. Social media channels are integrated as an additional data source. At the same time, these serve as a means of communication between the emergency services and the population.

Accompanying Scientific Research

Due to its experience in security research, the University of Paderborn, C.I.K. has the technical know-how to evaluate the project. It supports INSPIRE by participating in the quality assurance and the examination of the project results for their usability at major events (e.g. football matches, folk festivals and music festivals in Paderborn). At the same time, the expert group ensures compliance with formal and informal standards and data protection.